Nigerians don’t trust govt

A survey, conducted by Edelman Intelligence, the independent research arm of the Edelman global network, has rated the government as the least trusted institution in Nigeria. The survey tested how well people trust the four critical institutions of the society, government, business, media and non-governmental organisations, to do what is right. The survey said the government remains the least trusted with Nigerians having no confidence in the ability of current leaders to address the country’s challenges successfully. Trust in chief executive officers of businesses as positive change agents rose while trust in NGOs and the media also increased, according to the supplementary data for Nigeria. Although the degree of trust across the four institutions in the country increased compared to 2019, business still led with 91 percent, followed by NGOs with 87 percent, media with 84 percent then government with 55 percent. Among the all-female panel that analysed the survey are Maryam Uwais, special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on social protection; Folashade Ambrose Medebem, director, Public Affairs, Lafarge; Stella Din Jacobs, director of News, TVC; and Yemi Adamolekun, the convener, Enough is Enough. Ms Ademolakun said the poor level of transparency is responsible for the little trust Nigerians have for their government and called for increased accountability and transparency as well as prompt dissemination of information.


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