#EndSARS movement must avoid negotiation for now

There is a growing albeit still unpopular call for the #ENDSARS to negotiate with the government so the protests can come to an end.

We must understand that these calls come from a belief that the Nigerian Government headed by Buhari would rather shield serial killers masquerading as police departments than do what is good for the Nigerian people.

That realisation should offend us deeply. It should NOT make us look for easy ways out that only make it easier for the government to keep on actively destroying the lives of Nigerians.

This realisation that the Nigerian Government is very comfortable with having killer police squads that attack Nigerians in every Local Government Areas should make us angry instead of making us submissive enough to look for ways to not offend them.

We are not Chickens in a poultry waiting when the persons rearing us decides to eat and comes to harvest us. We must resist like sane human beings should to being cannibalized and that is why this movement will only need Representatives only AFTER the Protests have ended.

The 5 Demands listed are clear-cuts, simple to implement, and do not require any negotiations. They do not even affect the personal fortunes of the political elite in the ruling political bloc because even though they are corrupt, they definitely don’t get a percentage of what SARS makes from robbing and extorting Nigerians.

So any reluctance to accede is based on an unwillingness to have the Nigerian people believe that they have the right to guide their government.

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It’s on the Government to do what it should do. The older generations are being won over. Religious leaders are also coming onboard If the protests end for any reason, people are going to be united and angry until 2023.
It is not normal for a Govt to hear about this level of torture and mass-murder and be indifferent. It means that they are part of it in some way.

So the calls for representatives to be picked and sent to the government should stop. If we say it because we feel the Nigerian government would rather let the police rob and kill innocent people, then let that realisation bring anger instead of submission.