Every right-thinking person supports #EndSARS protest ― Ebenezer Obey

In a bid to lend his voice on the outburst of the Nigerian youths over the viral protest against police brutality in the country, music icon,

Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi,one of Nigeria’s music icon, lending his voice to the ongoing protest by the Nigerian youths calling for good governance, has said that the development is a strong signal for the leadership of the country.

Supporting the protest against police brutality in the country, the Obey added that any aspiring leader should see that things have gone so wrong in the country and that it was time equality and injustice are not taken with levity.

The evergreen musician identifying with the movement staged by the youths noted that no right-thinking person cannot go against the will the youths.

“I am happy that it is a peaceful protest. I have seen them on the streets expressing their grievances peacefully and I don’t think there is a problem with such development. Nobody can ever support brutality and injustice on any human being. For me, no right-thinking person will embrace that. I appreciate the youths for going about their protests peacefully,” he added.

Speaking to Tribune Online, Obey noted that the solution to the current crisis is to adopt every element that will make the country unite, urging the leaders to adhere to the yearnings of youths of the nation.

“It is obvious that our children and grandchildren are frustrated, unlike my generation that is still expressing hope. The new generation doesn’t have patience. It is a lesson and a strong warning for our leaders to do the right thing now. It is their right and no one can stop them from asking for it. They can no longer stomach what the elderly ones can stomach and I think that this is what led the outburst. If the right thing is done, I am quite sure that they will be off the streets.

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Obey also expressed worry that the continuous protest might escalate to a crisis beyond control if the government do not act fast to do the needful, adding that, “The gravity of the one voice to the Nigerian youths against the current situation of the country indicates that they are not joking about the protest. They are saying no infringement of a human right and bad governance. Can anyone blame them?” he asked.


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