A few miles away from doctor

Ever heard of the saying ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’? Days back, I fell ill and I wondered if it was because I neglected to frequently eat an apple daily.

Prior to the illness, I remembered sitting on the staircase and surfing the internet. The staircase leads to my apartment. When a neighbor walked by, he questioned the frown I had on my face and asked if I was fighting with anybody on my phone. I smiled releasing the tension I was expressing as I realized how tensed and exhausted I had been feeling all day.

“I am not fighting with anyone,” I replied jokingly, “what’s that in your bag you are holding?” I asked noticing he held a small bag.

‘It’s my malaria drug; I’m just coming from the pharmacy he replied,

Oh! Sorry dear, I expressed my sympathy.

It’s everywhere o! malaria, he continued, “my colleagues was not feeling well not quite long and now me, don’t worry it will soon reach your door.”

As he walked pass me, I said to myself, the malaria has already gotten here considering the recent influx of mosquitoes in my apartment and how I had felt unwell these past few days, I already made plans to visit the pharmacy the next day.

I struggled all through the night as the illness became worse, fever, pains, and tiredness. The next day, I made my way to the nearest pharmacy, walking through the busy streets of Lagos and the frequent interceptions by moving cars and bikes giving little or no room for pedestrians made the journey of a few miles seem like a thousand miles.

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Presently, I’m back to good health and I value taking extra care about my well being, because living alone and having to care for yourself in Lagos where time or no one waits for anyone is not the best experience.


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