Ex from pit of hell

I have always watched sociopathic or psychopathic characters in movies and I’ve read about them in novels. Characters like the star actor from the series “YOU” or maybe a lover or an ex who gets to stalk their person of interest and in most cases could try to sabotage any other romantic relationship their victims may have. Fortunately, I haven’t had a close-up experience but of recent, an old friend got to share hers with me.

I hooked up with an old friend of mine and we decided to grab dinner from “KFC” restaurant in Ogba, we got talking about life and marriage so I made a remark on how cute the” le boo” I usually see her post on her WhatsApp status was, and to my utmost surprised she said the ship had sailed. She actually thought this particular relationship would lead to the altar.

Apparently, before meeting le boo, she had a male friend to who she was closed to but having realized the relationship wasn’t heading anywhere, she had gradually started pulling away in a bid to end things. She explained how all this transpired before actually meeting her newfound boo; she had literally stopped talking to the old guy (Mr. J) for two months before she travelled to porthacourt and returned a month later to Lagos without informing Mr. J of her return. Shortly after returning back to Lagos, she met Le Boo and things kicked off.

Going on Fancy dates to restaurants, hanging out at the beach, getting to Netflix and chill, and literally spending a greater part of the lockdown with her newfound love, love couldn’t have been any better as Le boo showered her with love unlike any she had ever experienced before until one day Le boo got a text message from Mr. J. informing him of building a relationship with his girlfriend who claimed to be in porthacourt.

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Le boo was pretty confused at the whole situation, my friend took the blame for not informing him about Mr. J and also for not officially ending the relationship with Mr. J. things got better and their love went smoothly for a few days until she posted a photo of herself on Instagram and a fake account tagged Le boo in the comment section and stated he was being intimate with Mr. J woman.

As she narrated it sounded like something from a movie, my friend in response to my reactions said it sounded funny but it was a really terrible experience as the worst was yet to come. She was told by Le boo to take done her photo due to the comment made by the fake account before people could see it, however, this caused a strain on the relationship as Le boo decided to walk away. After apologizing for a while, Le boo came back and all was well again until Mr. J gave the final blow that broke the camel’s back.

My friend and her beau had decided to go out on a date as usual to a nice restaurant, after a bit of contemplation she settled on a restaurant on the mainland, and not too long into their arrival, Mr. J approached their table and started talking to Le boo, claiming he is the boyfriend and he had proof.

Mr. J brought out his phone and started showing old messages and then went further to show semi-nude photos of her she had sent to him in the past. At this point she got really pissed at Le boo for sitting there and entertaining the unwanted guest trying to tarnish her image, she got up and walked out of the restaurant towards the car, soon after Le boo joined her, they had a bit of argument as to why he was paying so much interest and seeking to know more from someone clearly trying to hurt her instead of him acting in her defense and scolding her in private later.

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They both went to their separate homes and Le boo ended the relationship that evening. As she ended her narration, I felt like giving her a hug because no one deserves to go through this.

The questions we had going through our minds was, how did Mr. j get Le boo’s phone number, Also how did he know they were going to be in that restaurant at that time? Was it a mere coincidence because they had both visited that restaurant in the past too? She mentioned visiting the beach after all this happened and she spotted Mr. J at the beach too. I asked her a bit surprised, “are you sure he isn’t stalking you”? She said she had to make sure it’s not all just a coincidence so if she ever gets to spot him anywhere around her again she would approach him to know what his deal was.

As we finished our dinner, I couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. J was a psychopath and told my friend I was glad she walked away from someone like Mr. J who sounded like an extremist reminding me of the Hollywood movie “fatal affair”.


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