Netherlands model and Nigeria’s unfortunate response to environmental stimuli

The Netherlands is a coastal country located in a region prone to flooding and troubling water movements and its people responded by developing a competency that has their engineers become noted for being able to manipulate wetlands and make them usable for agriculture and construction purposes. The expertise gave rise to the popular quote that says: “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands”.

In 1961, the Dutch had accomplished the reclamation of 6,800 square miles of land that is half of what is currently the total area of the country’s dry land from the sea.

The Netherlands is a country in a challenging location but the response of its people and government to unpleasant environmental stimuli has made it one of the leading nations in the world. In contrast, the approach of the Nigerian Government to its environmental stimuli has made it a basket case with a shocking proclivity for multiplying problems instead of solving them that excels in engendering unrest, malice, poverty, and death.

As far as social organisms go, the Nigerian Government is an absurdly un-evolved, unintelligent, and ill-motivated entity and this is largely because of its commitment to responding to practically all unpleasant stimuli with violence instead of a careful consideration inspired by the will to create a better environment for Nigerians. This inclination to violence that was instilled by decades of brutish military rule has left Nigeria with a government that’s unable and unwilling to learn how to solve problems properly and has ended up making Nigeria the world’s poverty capital.

The #EndSARS protest recommenced on Saturday in Lagos as Nigerians incensed by the decision to recommence commercial use of the Lekki tollgate where peaceful protesters were murdered in the 2020 EndSars protests came out again to protest peacefully. The Nigerian Government in its characteristic pigheadedness chose to respond with threats and actual violence by arresting more than 30 protesters, including the popular comedian and actor Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr. Macaroni.

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The courage of the protesters is welcomed and they should be supported by all strata of society. As tempting as it is, this should not be framed as a battle between generations because the truth is that while the older generations should do more to support this push for better governance, this is actually about values, not years spent on Earth.

Deliberate attempts should be made to build inter-regional, inter-generational, and inter-class alliances that work together politically, socially, and economically.

In as much as we can’t vouch for the willingness of the present administration to let the people’s votes count, there should be a focus on getting millions of people in different social classes into the political process. Bridges that have to be crossed will be crossed when we get there so we must play our part in forging the social unity that’s a key tool in fighting oppression.

One thing that’s now clear is that people are tired of the incompetence and malice that is being offered to them as governance by shortsighted and unpalatable characters who care about nothing but their pockets and their Bloodlust.

And as for the Nigerian Police in this centralised format that has them happily playing the part of colonial tools of oppression, they should know that this generation and social groups they are kicking now will eventually find their way into political power and are already committed to decentralisation.

Sensitivity or response to stimuli is a key way used by organisms to develop their intelligence and understanding of their environment. Competent responses to feedback in the form of pleasant and unpleasant stimuli help organisms build a framework for productive existence so an inability to receive or respond competently to stimuli is guaranteed to result in an organism having a mediocre and unpleasant existence.

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This holds true for biological organisms and also for social organisms like societies and governments and Saturday’s EndSars protests and the Nigerian government’s responses were a reminder of the failure of the culture of violence put in our cultural DNA by decades of brutal and unfruitful military rule.

The Nigerian Government is a mediocre, parasitic, and ridiculously unproductive organism that’s utterly incapable of learning anything useful, and the earlier we set about reprogramming it, the better.


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