Jaruma refutes claims kayanmata reason for high divorce rate in Abuja

Entrepreneur Jaruma and promoter of Kayanmata, a sex product and love enhancer originally meant to bond couples as it possesses the power to improve their affections, has countered a claim that the kayanmata is the reason the rate of divorce is high in the country, particularly in FCT, Abuja.

It was alleged that single girls are buying kayanmata and using it to hypnotise men, especially married ones.

Jaruma, who is a seller of kayanmata, stated that such a claim is false. According to her, she has never advertised her product in a way that insinuates that her buyers would steal men away from their partners.

The mother of two then stated that crossdressers are the ones responsible for the rate of divorce. She stated that they are the ones that always say they would steal men from their partners.

However, James Brown, a cross dresser countered her and addressed the people that believe that crossdressers are taking their husbands away by saying people should hold on to their men very well.


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