Sweet dreams: If I could see him again

Rachael had gone to bed with thoughts of the man she had met earlier in the day by the hallway of her faculty. As she was about entering the lecturing theatre she had felt the presence of someone passing behind her and involuntarily she felt the compelling urge to look back and for what seemed like an eternity she locked eyes with one of the most handsome man she had ever encountered. Somehow, she felt she had called him telepathically because he changed his direction and was now walking towards her.

Hi, I’m Tosan” the stranger said.

Hi, joy” she replied.

Why she felt the urge to lie about her name like she usually do to men she didn’t want to get to know baffled her. This was the perfect stranger she wanted to know forever.

“Nice shoes” he continued, looking down at her the shoe she had worn. It was called the boyfriend shoe and every girl who was chic and classy had it or planned on getting it as soon as they could.

“Thank you” she replied. By now the hallway was filled with other students waiting to enter the theatre immediately the current class going on was done.

“My sisters birthday is next week, I’m sure she would love something like this, where did you get yours, I would like to get one for her as a surprise gift”. He said.

“I got it from the market” Rachael answered.
Suddenly there was a rush around her as students started rushing in to get a good sit for class. Rachael looked up towards him and muttered something that sounded like good bye and turned away.

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Now lying on her bed, she wished he had asked for her number, she wished she had told him her real name and sounded more enthusiastic, was he flirting with her? She wished she had flirted back too!

Tosan was just the man of her dreams, tall, dark and handsome. As she lay down, she remembered his eyes, pictured them on their first date, first kiss, what would his lips feel and taste like? how would his touch make her feel. She imagined his hands under her pajamas sliding up wards to cup her left breast.

She whispered his name under her breath as she drifted to sleep. That night, she had the best dream ever, created memories with him that could last a life time. She went to school the next day hoping to see him again. Days turned to weeks and months and then the semester ended without their paths ever crossing again.


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