How to deal with jealous partner

Most people have had their fair share of bad relationships, toxic, overbearing, indifferent or jealous partners, the list keeps going. A bad partner can be draining, difficult to handle and this can put a strain on the relationship.

With a jealous partner, forgetting to return a phone call or a text or calling back few hours later can be blown way out of proportion. The arguments can be quite intense, and it can put a serious rift in your relationship.

It’s actually OK to feel jealous in a relationship. It shows that you care and that you don’t mean to share.

However, there is an excessive type of jealousy which is irrational, toxic and unreasonable. When a partner tries to limit all forms of communication with members of the opposite sex, when they feel threatened by your association to other men or women, no matter how harmless the relationship is, It is obviously an unhealthy relationship.

If you still want to be with your significant other, there are plenty of ways you can positively and effectively handle a jealous partner.

Be Trustworthy and Honest
Go out of your way to be completely honest to him or her. When you are extremely honest, it leaves no room for doubts and jealousy. Tell them the truth about your plan, why you got home late last night, where you where hanging out, who will be there, and when you will be back.

Whether they like it or not, tell them the truth. It may cause some immediate arguments, but you can always rest assured that you were honest.

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Make them a priority
Never make your partner feel like they are in a contest with some other woman or man. Let them know, at all times that they come first before others. Try to always reassure them of your undying love. Tell him or her that they’ve got.

Be Understanding
It might be difficult to be understanding when he or she is acting jealous. However, you need to try your best to be understanding. Sit them down and talk about where their trust issues come from.

You may be surprised to learn some things about your partner that you never knew. It can shed light on their behavior. You may even become closer through the conversation and know how to make them feel secured in the relationship.

Set clear boundaries
If your partner always snoops through your phone or computer to gather information on you, this is clearly an invasion of your privacy, let your partner know that in isn’t right most especially if you haven’t done anything to breach their trust.

We should all also have a physical boundary that prohibits anyone from hitting us ever. A jealous partner can become angry and even violent. If it gets to this point, you need to call the authorities or walk away.

Go to Therapy
If the relationship is becoming too toxic and causing a strain on you, it might be time to get professional help to keep the relationship together. A third party will be able to mediate the arguments. If your partner is unnecessarily jealous, the counselor can tell them that. They may even be able to give them tools to deal with their jealousy in a better way.

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