Bauchi State ready for judicial autonomy -Gov Bala

Bala Mohammed, the governor of Bauchi state, has stated that the state is willing to grant the judiciary financial autonomy.

The governor made the promise during the swearing-in ceremony of Mohammed Abubakar, the newly named acting Chief Judge (Grand Kadi) of the Bauchi State Sharia Court.

Mohammed, who said that he was always willing to follow the judiciary’s tradition, which he said was founded on justice and equality, said that the judiciary was the common man’s last hope.

“The judiciary is the last hope of the common man and it is not only the common man, it is the last hope of Bala Mohammed, because I have derived succour and solace in the judiciary.

“I am always ready to go by their tradition, because it is predicated on justice and equity.

“We, in the executive, are ready to give you your autonomy; we are ready to give you your respect, we are ready to clear latitude and leverage, so that you will be able to dispense justice,” he said.

The governor reminded the newly sworn-in acting chief judge of the state sharia court that society expects a lot from him, now and even after service.

“I know you are going to have a very little stint, but it does not matter how long you stay, but how well you stay and how much you impact,” he said.
Mohammed commended the harmonious relationship between the legislative, executive and judiciary.

”I call on the judges to ensure that verdicts are quickly made in criminal cases in order to enhance the issues of reward and punishment in the state,” he said
The tenure of Alhaji Dahiru Ningi, the out-gone chief judge of the sharia court, according to NAN, ended on April 6.

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