Kano state loss ₦500m to Influenza Virus

The Kano State Poultry Farmers Association of Nigeria has recorded over ₦500 million loss following the outbreak of a Virus Avian Influenza also known as “bird flu” in the state on Wednesday the 7th of March.

The Chairman of the association, Mr. Umar Kibiya Usman, said they had incurred huge decimation in the recent outbreak of the virus.

He added that 223,695 chicken were affected by the Virus and as resulted to the depopulation of the birds, noted that the cost price of each chicken was nothing less than ₦1,800, presumably over ₦402 million was lost and there are thousands that are yet to be confirmed, stressing the amount of money loss could be over ₦500 million.

The Association is appealing to the state government to show concern and organize workshop to enlighten poultry farmers on how to safeguard their birds from being affected by the disease through financial support of regular fumigation and disinfection of live birds.


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