Ebube Agu must succeed

Igbos pride themselves on being progressive, independent, and ahead of the curve and with good reason too if their achievements are anything to go by.

The Igbo political class though is a totally different thing altogether with its lethargy, lack of vision, and lack of commitment. After waiting so long for no good reason, the Southeast governors finally agreed to set up a regional security agency to checkmate the spike in insecurity that has led to police stations being burned down by unknown groups.

The formation of the joint security agency named “Ebube Agu” was announced after the first Southeast Security Summit in Owerri, Imo along with the declaration of a ban on open grazing.

Ebube Agu will have its headquarters in Enugu and the constituent state cells plan to share information among themselves and also move men and materials across state borders when necessary to support each other.

As unhappy as one is justified to be with the late arrival of the project, it’s definitely a better late than never situation that should be supported by all well-meaning people and this brings us to the response of The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that has warned Southeastern people to reject Ebube Agu with the excuse that Ebube Agu was only created to negate IPOB’s own militia, the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

IPOB has gone as far as saying that any Ebube Agu member who “spy on ESN should be prepared to join his ancestors.”.

People who defend IPOB should take note of statements like this because it means that IPOB stands worthy of suspicion if members of Ebube Agu are attacked.

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Security in the Southeast should be the priority and anyone who appears willing to sabotage that for personal reasons should be treated as an enemy of the Igbo people.

Why does IPOB insist on being given the powers of a legitimate government while being unaccountable to the Igbo people?

IPOB should never be allowed to have the powers of Government outside of results attained from electoral participation.

An organization that cannot be held accountable by the people and removed peacefully should not be allowed to own even a butter knife never mind an actual militia.

The Southeast political class could be a lot better but we are better off improving the political system by encouraging mass participation instead of handing over the region to an IPOB that functions based on the whims and caprices of an unstable figure that safely lives abroad.

The Southeast must put aside its penchant for political indifference. If everything else failed to convince the people about this, the lethargic reaction to the Fulani Expansionist menace should show that there is value in having millions of Igbo people committed to influencing the political process.

We can complain about the reaction of the governors but what were the voting figures during the elections?
How many times did Ndi Igbo come out to protest in their tens of thousands to force the political players to do better?

How much pressure is being placed on them?

How much effort is being expended to ensure that solid reliable candidates are on the ballot and get the required support for subsequent elections?

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It is laziness and lack of vision that would make a people reject all these options and choose to hand over their society to an IPOB that is unstable, uninterested in development policy and governance, and not unaccountable to anyone.

The people of the region must do better.

It is too late in the evolution of the Igbo people for them to start experimenting with the idea of a Messiah. The Messiah Protocol has failed every African tribe or country that has held on to it.

Ndi Igbo flourished even in hostile environments because they look inwards for solutions and strength.

There is no Messiah in Buhari and there is no Messiah in Nnamdi Kanu.

There must be a commitment to uniting to do the daily work required to build a society.


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