Isa, issa lie, you must go

The year 2012 was nine years ago and in that year, the then President Goodluck Jonathan made a statement that has been proven amazingly prophetic. GEJ said that the Boko Haram group had sympathizers sited in government and in the security agencies.

He said “The situation we have in our hands is even worse than the civil war that we fought. During the civil war, we knew and we could even predict where the enemy was coming from. But the challenge we have today is more complicated.”

Now in 2021, we have incontrovertible evidence showing that a current minister in the Buhari Administration is a Boko Haram sympathiser.

The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy Ali Isa Pantami was recorded making some controversial comments showing support for Al Qaeda and the Taliban in a sermon.

He has, however, come out to declare being a changed man. No right-thinking person believes that.

He says “Some of the comments I made some years ago that are generating controversies now were based on my understanding of religious issues at the time, and I have changed several positions taken in the past based on new evidence and maturity.”

Isa Pantami gives exercise tips

We do not believe him and we will see any delay in his removal and investigation as proof of a wider range of conspiracy in government circles.

The existence of terrorist sympathisers in government is not a new phenomenon but it usually happens when the state-sponsored terrorism is aimed at hostile nations but Nigeria has always been that absurdity that reserves its worst for its own people.

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Isa Pantami is now apologizing and hopes that would be enough. He apparently thinks supporting Boko Haram is just like breaking eggs accidentally or something. It’s almost like he didn’t know Boko Haram was a mass-murdering group that is now one of the 5 most lethal terrorist groups in the world.

Apologies will not cut it.

If that was what he was just a few years ago, then that’s most likely what he is now. People don’t really change.

Movies and TV shows have to be entertaining to succeed and a key factor in entertainment is the provision of twists and turns in the nature of circumstances and characters in the story being told.

So you have these epiphanize situations where hitherto evil people see the light, turn good and help make sacrifices that save the day.

This might be entertaining but in real life, it rarely happens.

In real-life situations, when evil people see the light, they just use it to improve their aim so they can make sure that the bullets hit and hurt.

They don’t become good. They pin in sin.

The 2015 presidential campaign for the Nigerian ex-dictator who would eventually become president was based on the myth that he had changed and become a person comfortable with the democratic process, multi-ethnic compatibility, and willingness to make decisions after due consultation with relevant experts. Muhammadu Buhari then got in and made those who argued on his behalf look like rank morons.

And the Buhari Administration that naive people expected improved security from is now known for shielding murderous herdsmen, shooting innocent #EndSars protesters, shutting land borders, and having ministers who are on record as being sympathetic to what’s arguably the most murderous terrorist group on current form.

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GEJ was mocked when he made the statement about the infiltration of extremists but he obviously knew what he was saying and this now makes the way Buhari appoints people from certain states and religions into practically every sensitive position a real cause of worry.


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