US Army Veteran warns of deteriorating situation in Nigeria

Major Adebayo Adeleke, a US Army veteran, has warned of a deteriorating insecurity situation in Nigeria.

Adeleke said the security threats are increasingly devolving into the war in Afghanistan, where US and allied troops are planning to withdraw, during an exclusive interview on Channels Television’s Diplomatic Channel.

He urged Nigerian leaders to take security more seriously, warning that things could quickly spiral out of control if they did not.

“The threat assessment globally is showing that terrorism and extremism has moved away from South-West Asia and now has headquartered in Africa,” he said.

“We see what is going on in the northeastern part of Nigeria and other parts in Mali, Cameroon Niger and all of that.

“If Nigeria doesn’t push back on this, it will continue to ravage the country. With herdsmen killings, these are just the beginning of it.

“All these banditry and the use of ransom, they are using this money to actually further their network. If all these networks are not broken, Nigerians will wake up one morning and realise their country has been pretty taken over by extremism.”

On the way forward, he asked the Nigerian government to collaborate with other countries to effectively counter-terrorism.


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