Sanwo-Olu backs state policing to tackle insecurity

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, has supported demands for the establishment of a state police force, saying it is long overdue.

Sanwo-Olu said Nigeria should establish state police during an interview on Sunday at the Lagos House.

“It is long overdue, we should make it happen,” the governor said in reaction to his stance on the creation of a state policing structure in the country.

“In fact, that is one of the critical things that I believe will help us. It has been said over and over again.”

Sanwo-Olu responded affirmatively when asked whether governors are disappointed that they are unable to fully monitor the security situation in their states.

The Lagos governor suggests that if the police force is domesticated, officers will be better able to combat crime in the state because they are already used to their various host communities.

He clarified that the Lagos State Government has been assisting the Nigeria Police Force in the state with vehicle purchases, fuel deliveries, and allowances, all of which should be handled by the Federal Government.

“The last time, we gave them 1,250 constabularies and we are paying their salaries. We paid for everything – uniform, food, etc. So we are actually incurring those expenses already.

“It is really not going to have any bigger bolt on our numbers because that is what we are doing. But it will help us to know that there are state police. What we will do is that somebody grows up in an area, you will understand that area.

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“You will know where Okokomaiko is, you will understand the issues around Ojoko, you will know what the problem is in Lagos Island once it is domesticated,” he added.

The governor also spoke on transportation in the nation’s commercial capital, noting that his administration will not scrap the yellow buses popularly known as ‘danfo’, but remodel them to meet modern standards.

He stated further, “It will be unfair for us. These are important stakeholders. They served our citizens. They served Lagosians for a long time. It became the print of Lagos, the yellow buses.

“Let’s be very creative. Let’s see how we can remodel them without scrapping them out. We are collaborating with them. You know that our citizens now deserve newer models of cars.”

The governor said the state has signed an agreement with a local bus manufacturing company to replace buses burnt during the #EndSARS protest.


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