Sugar daddy, no sugar: Pt2

This is the continuation of a true story. Click to read part 1 here.

The first time I chilled out with Charles was on my way back from work. He had called earlier to say he will be at a lounge close by and we should see briefly. I felt the least I could do was stop by for a few minutes to acknowledge his kind gesture. On my arrival, we picked a quiet corner away from prying eyes. Charles seemed like a kind and gentle man who had achieved quite a lot in life. We spoke a little about ourselves and then he requested I follow him on a trip to Abuja the coming weekend. His offer seemed nice but there was no way I will be getting on a plane with someone I didn’t want to have an affair with. I spent more time than I had envisaged at the lounge. As I stood up to leave, he pressed some money in my hands and said it was for my ride, not minding the fact that my house was just a bike away. I was grateful to have some extra cash as I was already low on funds awaiting my monthly paycheck.

The weekend came in a hurry and I stood my ground on not accompanying him to Abuja. He then sent me some funds and said it was for me to take care of myself while he was away. Be good girl, he said as he ended the phone call.

“Be a good girl?” his words echoed in my ears, I hope he isn’t thinking that we are dating or some sort I said to myself.

Almost every day Charles called to check up on me and if I didn’t take the call, giving up was not an option for him as he kept calling and calling.

On one of the days I took his calls, he referred to me as his sweetheart.

Hello my sweetheart” he said teasingly.

Please I am not your sweetheart, if you want to call me anything, kindly call me by my name.”

But you’re my sweetheart” he insisted.

I am not your sweetheart I replied wearyingly

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Ok, you are my bitter heart”

Yes! That’s better.

Whenever we spoke on phone, that was how the conversation always progressed and after that, I will inquire about how his trip was going and the conversation ends with him saying I miss you and me replying with the opposite.

It was almost two weeks since he travelled, and the day before his arrival He informed me. The next morning I saw a missed call notification on my phone and knew he must be back in Lagos. In the afternoon he called and said he will be chilling in a more reserved lounge somewhere further than we had initially met and would love for me to come keep him company. I told him I was busy and couldn’t make it. In the evening he called and said he was alone sitting by himself, after some convincing and promising not to stay for more than an hour, I agreed and he sent me some money for my ride.

The lounge was reserved and cool like he had said it would be. It was a Friday evening and the life band was on like he also said. The waiter came by and I placed my order. Charles wasn’t a man of many words so I tried to keep the conversation going. The music from the life band was so good that I was moved to get on my feet and dance. The lead singer came to our table and kept the vibes on, after a while I sat down and Charles gave him a tip and the singer went on to another table.

Bring your chair closer” he said.

Ok” I moved my chair a little closer and bridged the distance.

I was drinking the cocktail I had ordered for, when I felt his hands on my waist. I gently took it off and moved my chair back to the initial position.

Don’t do that… don’t take my happiness from me,” Charles said.

Happiness! I questioned, I’m not with your happiness.

I want my happiness, don’t take my hands away, I feel insulted.

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It’s not about what you want, it is also about me and I am not comfortable with that” I replied.

Soon after, I checked the time and requested to take my leave since it was already passed an hour, and he offered to drop me off.

On getting home I had promised myself not to hang out with him again. He called the next day and said he forgot to send me something for hanging out with him. I asked him not to send me money anymore because I didn’t want to lead him on or make him think I will change my mind about dating him.

He insisted that it didn’t matter if I dated him or not and sent me some money, I was happy to receive it regardless.

Life was going on well for me, my career and my fitness life was on fleek. That week I went shopping for some new outfits and wasn’t disappointed by my purchase. Charles called me some days later and said he would love us to hang out at the place I met him the few days back, but this time from afternoon till evening. He said I could go there and wait for him before he arrived.

I called back and said I couldn’t make it as I had some unfinished office work to carry out.

You can do that when you return he said,

Ok, but what will I be doing there all by myself sitting outside when the lounge resumes in the evening.

You won’t be outside, go inside the building and collect a key from the receptionist.

Key? Key to where? I asked

To a room, he answered.

What am I doing in a room with you?

We will just relax and eat.

No thanks, I don’t want to be in a hotel room with you I said and ended the call.

All through the day my phone kept buzzing with calls from Charles but I wasn’t picking up. I hoped he would get the message and let me be. That evening I went out to make use of the ATM, somewhere just away from my bus stop. While returning, I saw Charles parked in front of me talking to someone by the road side. I was shocked because he was the last person I expected to see. Charles didn’t stay around my vicinity; he only comes to use the fitness club. I tried to avoid him by crossing the road but I couldn’t because it was busy so I had no choice but to walk past him.

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Hi, I said.

Why haven’t you been taking my calls… you see that there is no place for you to hide” he said with a smile.

Well I haven’t been taking your calls because I have no business being with you in a hotel room.

Get inside the car.

No thanks.

Come in, I’m going to Shoprite and I want you to accompany me.

I can’t, I have somewhere to be” I replied and bid him fare well.

I didn’t hear from Charles for a while and I was happy to be finally free and then the following week he called to inform me he had travelled again. We laughed and talked but this time with an understanding that we have both finally reached a consensus and had accepted the fact that nothing romantic could actually happen between us. He joked about how he had finally met a coconut that refused to crack and I referred to him as a fish with a bone that was going to hook me in the throat should I eat from it. We both laughed and then ended the call. Charles sent me money for the last time and this time it was for a three months subscription of the fitness club.

It’s been a month now and we haven’t spoken in person or on phone and occasionally when I get to see him at the gym, I feel the urge to walk up to him and say hi but my better judgment tells me to let him be so as not to reawaken his desires.


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