Fr. Mbaka shouldn’t be blamed, but…

Religious Leaders are sometimes looked to for guidance because it’s believed that better thoughts and motives should come from a mind that is unduly distracted by greed, lust, and other factors that could distort one’s capacity to make judgments.

In practice, however, what you could get are the likes of Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, who became notorious for his support for the candidature of the predictably incompetent Muhammadu Buhari who has gone to fulfil almost every single negative prediction that was made about him.

If Spirituality cannot give better visions of the Future than a cursory reading of History can provide, then it’s really not worth the trouble. If Drunkards who had read ordinary newspapers could offer a better prediction of Buhari’s behavior than Mbaka, then the Mbaka might as well pick up a drink and a copy of the Sun and forego everything else because there’s really no point.

This so-called prophet has finally joined the call for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari over the high level of insecurity in the country and has the nerve to warn those who will criticize him for his lateness that they will face God’s wrath.

It is tempting to go on ranting about Father Mbaka but the truth is that he deserves limited attention and energy because he is just a fallout of a systemic failure occasioned by the failure of the Nigerian Church to properly take its place in the polity as a major political organiser that has the power to enforce a certain level of performance in voting, and actual governance.

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The Mbakas are charlatans who have found room because there was a gap left by a Church that has refused to use its influence wisely. No other Nigerian organization has a nationwide network as prevalent. The network and educational level of the Church outweighs any other Institution in Africa.

But while others have been very direct about being involved, the Church has decided to be a neutral party in a contest where most other participants see and treat it as an opponent. That approach has failed and should be adjusted to suit the critical realities that are upon us now.

There is a need for a strong counterbalance in the Nigerian sociopolitical space. In other continents, the Church played this role at different phases of political evolution and we should be no different here. The Nigerian Church has nothing fewer than 70 million members and it can easily add 30 million new focused and targeted voters AND candidates to the political process and improve it significantly.

The environment itself is screaming for this intervention and the hunger is what makes the likes of Mbaka find relevance. The Church also has to make itself available to serve as a channel for well-meaning candidates to rise without being under the control of self-serving Godfathers.

The young and middle-aged Middle-Class that has the most to lose when a country fails finds it hard to compete politically with established political players who operate with political institutions that have been building up from the 60s and have acquired power, wealth, and influence. They have failed so badly that young Africans are literally trekking across deserts to have a chance at getting menial jobs in Europe. This cannot be allowed to continue.

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The Church is the only institution powerful enough to balance out the situation and instigate a positive change for the continent.

It has to provide a balance to the crude trading done by the traditional political players especially in the African Environment where no other organization has a suitable network that can unite, guide, and protect the people.


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