Popular yoruba Actor Baba Ijesha forsaw his predicament

In recent times, actor Olanrewaju Omiyinka, alias Baba Ijesha, has been in the middle of a storm. It should be noted that the actor was arrested after he reportedly abused a minor who happened to be Adekola Adekanya, aka Princess’ foster child.

With emotions running high, a number of people have expressed their thoughts on the matter, with the majority of them condemning the actor for his inappropriate conduct.

However, it seems that Baba Ijesha might have prevented the current situation if he had followed the advice he gave his movie character, Ilu Awon Obirin. The actor played a rogue who eventually got himself into trouble due to his philandering ways in the film.

While enduring the repercussions of his behavior in the film, he offered some advice to a co-star who had gotten himself into similar trouble.

“What got you into this?” inquired the co-actor.

Baba Ijesa then responded, “I am an incurable adulterer. Where I come from, no one is as good at lying as me. No woman has ever caught me. My nickname, ‘Ololomasun’ is the alias for adulterous men. However, God caught me red-handed. It was through some ladies I was fornicating with that I got struck with a charm.

“I was then rushed to a benevolent pastor. I was prayed for and I got well. After I was healed, the pastor told me to go home to my family. Though I have a wife, I always lied to women that I was not married and I didn’t have children. After leaving the pastor on the seventh day, I was riding along in my car and I saw a pretty lady swaying her hips along the road. I thought I would make her my last catch before I stopped finally. I did not know I had cursed myself. I just wanted to have a taste of her and run, not knowing that I had entered the trap.”

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