Young Nigerians disconnected as country splits – Osita Chidoka

A former Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka, asserting his opinion on present-day Nigeria, said that many young Nigerians have disconnected from the country considering the fact that “two Nigerias have emerged.”

Chidoka said this Saturday at The Platform, a programme organized by The Covenant Nation.

The former Minister explained that the “Naija” spirit is that of innovation, excellence, and creativity.

“I’m of the theory that two Nigerias have emerged. This is Naija…where Davido is; where Nollywood is…..

“Naija is going on ignorant of Nigeria. The young people have disconnected from Nigeria.

“So, what we’re looking for is…, let’s take the spirit of Naija and infuse it into Nigeria.

“Nigeria has failed. Young people should not sit at home and expect any reform. The reform is a scam. What we need is to take the spirit of Naija – that’s the space where we have freedom, where there’s no federal character.

“That’s the space where we know no tribes and tongues; that’s the space where we discuss how to make the next I.T business and the new innovation. That Naija space is real. The market is big…”


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