Eedris disses Buhari’s minister, Keyamo in new track

Controversial rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem, has released a new song titled ‘Jaga Jaga Oti Get e’ which takes a jab at the minister of state for labour and employment Festus Keyamo.

The new song follows Mr Keyamo’s public exposure of private communication between them.

Mr Keyamo recently accused the rapper of resorting to blackmail after failing to extort money to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The minister backed his claims with screenshots of text message exchanges between himself and the rapper which he shared in a series of posts on his verified social media handles.

But calling Mr Keyamo’s bluff in a lengthy post on his Instagram handle, Eedris tagged him a cabal member and added that “Keyamo is in pain because his next ambition is to be governor of Delta State.”

Justifying the release of the song, he accused the minister of hatching what he described as a pre-planned character assassination plot in a very devious and unrelenting fashion against him.

He said, ‘‘Someone I asked for help in a time of great need, someone whom I hitherto thought should have known better, but whose hatred for the truth and truth seekers drove him and his outrageously extended, venom coated hideous fangs overboard.

‘‘His hate drove him over the precipice, to the extent that the management of a big tech organization like Twitter deemed his vituperation as unsavory, distasteful, crude, and uncouth and asked him to take down the offensive and idiotic posts or get blacklisted like other uncouth peeps like him.

‘‘And this is a serving minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! A Senior Advocate in the nation’s Temple of Justice!! And a so-called social reformer…what a shame’’.

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The rapper also said, ‘Jaga Jaga Oti Get e’ is his own side of the story in the only way he knows best, through his music.

He also added that the video will follow soon.

Reacting to the feedback from his fans, Eedris said, ‘‘He (Keyamo) hasn’t seen anything yet part 2 dey come’’.

The cover art for the single sees the minister topless and behind bars.

Listen to the track below


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