How bandits carry out operation in Kaduna

The reality of kidnapping residents of Kaduna has gradually but steadily escalated to targeting individuals and picking them up from their respective homes. Now it’s like the gunmen are saying, “since all the boarding schools have been shut down, we will now step up our game and go from home to home.”

This is exactly what happened last Tuesday, barely a week after the abduction of the kids at the Bethel Baptist School, when the daredevils descended on some residents of Ungwan Gimbiya, broke into their homes, and shepherd some 13 men, women, and suckling children into the dark recesses of the night. And all within the same Chukun LGA and all happened in the same week. Citizens are no longer safe because there is no more security to safeguard their lives from the enemy.

The latest targeted kidnap incident of the Emir in Kujuru on Sunday morning, confirms my conviction that the perpetrators have indeed engaged the next gear. They have transformed Kaduna into an extension of the jungle, and continue to lord over it. A very important question that begs for an answer is: how do these men mark their targets? Most of them claim not to know the victims prior to the attacks.

Here is how they carry out their operations in details.

They make inquiries about an individual that is being targeted.

What these people do is that they would first if all carry out surveillance about an individual, to know the type of job the person does, the kind of house you live in. Before they proceed with any attack, a surveillance of the premises is also carried out to ascertain the possibility of succeeding with the attack. In most cases, this is usually achieved with the help of an insider who gives them whatever information they need for the operation.

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They would confirm the strength of the security in the community.

Is there a security outfit in the area? If there is, how effective is it? What’s the strength of the security? These are pertinent information they hope to gather while they do their surveillance. As stated earlier, the information can only be gotten through the assistance of an informer. He most times gives these information for a fee. Unfortunately in recent times, such informers have been caught and they sometimes assist in the eventual rescue of the victims.

They would proceed by shooting to scare the community.

Having done the first two things, they now go ahead with the attack.

When they get into an individuals house what they do is to start shooting sporadically into the air to scare the surrounding community in case they would want to attack them also, while the shooting is going on, another group is making their way into the house by breaking throw the fence, like in the case of the Emir’s abduction or through the house itself as seen in the case of the clinical psychologist abducted along with her three kids. Sporadic gunshots is aimed at scaring away possible threats until they are done with their attack. At this point, the abductee has nowhere to run to and no one to help them out.

These days individuals are forcefully taken away from their homes and the government is not doing anything about the ongoing challenges it’s citizens are passing through.

Today in Kaduna the question every citizen dreads most is Who is their next victim? What part of Kaduna is next? And when such victims are taken, what are the chances of being rescued alive?

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The spate of these abductions, kidnaps and killings is becoming alarming, making residents of Kaduna State to sleep with one eye closed.


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