Between Dubai and Kano: What is special about Nigeria’s Islam?

In what’s apparently a commitment to attaining the best highs and the best lows, Dubai has gone from just being the home of the tallest skyscraper, to also becoming the home of the world’s deepest swimming pool, too with the launching of Deep Dive Dubai that gets to a depth of 196 feet that is the Guinness world record for the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving.

Deep Dive Dubai contains 14.6 million litres of fresh water and while people in that part of the United Arab Emirates try to see how far down they can swim, those in Northern Nigerian emirates are drowning in their tears brought by the pain and suffering caused by unproductive religious extremism that is supported by people who strangely refuse to copy the better examples being set by the Arab custodians of the Faith.

Islamist insurgents in Northeast Nigeria were said to be responsible for the deaths of almost 350,000 people by the end of 2020.
Education in Northern Nigeria was barely alive, to begin with, but is now in grave danger with many schools being shut down in response to targeted attacks from terrorists and bandits that have been responsible for almost a thousand kidnappings between December 2020 and June 2021.

Dealing with terrorism on that scale is bad enough but it gets even harder to be positive about the future when state governments in Northern Nigeria set about copying the Taliban in Afghanistan instead of paying attention to the progressive productive methods being adopted by the UAE leadership.

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Kano State with a population of 13 million people has a 2021 budget of $442.5m.

Dubai with 3 million people has a budget of $15.57bn. You’d expect the Kano State government to be focused on sustainable ways of improving their socioeconomic fortunes but alas priorities differ drastically.

The Kano State Government’s purpose has them banning the use of mannequins by tailors and stores to display clothes within the state and announcing plans to embark on raids to ensure that mannequins are not used in the state under the excuse that the use of mannequins contravened Islamic rules.

This is weird because the use of mannequins is legally acceptable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is Islam’s heartland, the birthplace of its history, the site of the two holy mosques, and the focus of Islamic devotion and prayer.

But the Kano State Government says that mannequins have been stirring immoral thoughts amongst some of its people and have decided to ban mannequins instead of asking why its people are getting turned on by pieces of plastic.

What’s next? They get turned by the curves on Toyota headlights and we’d have to ban cars?

They get aroused by the roundness of Tomatoes and we ban that too?

Testing herdsmen for bovine STDs would probably provide cause to ban livestock under this principle but I guess every culture has its sacred cow.

While some societies stir themselves up to battle the overwhelming sensuality of plastic dolls, others have focused on the future.

In the UAE, a national program for coders has been launched in partnership with Google, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Cisco, IBM, HPE, LinkedIn, Nvidia & Facebook train 100,000 coders, establish 1,000 tech companies that will go global, and increase start-up investments from AED1.5 billion to AED4 billion.

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The UAE government is preparing for a post-Oil economy by establishing a solid digital economy to create new types of jobs.

While this is happening, Katsina State is considering shutting down viewing centers for football and replacing them with Islamic schools and the Nigerian government is banning Twitter and has a president boasting about people leaving office jobs to work on Farms.

A culture or society with an elite political class that despises white-collar work and the productivity associated with proper corporate economic activity is a Shoo-in candidate for poverty and failure.
Congratulations again to Deep Dive Dubai.

The UAE is committed to things going swimmingly while their Nigerian brothers focus on drowning in the depths of a horrible Abyss.


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