Obi Cubana: Late mum disturbing me for reburial -Victor Osuagwu

Veteran Nollywood actor Victor Osuagwu has got Nigerians laughing after a video he shared on social media.

The Nollywood actor complained that he has been seeing his late mother in his dreams since Obi Cubana buried his mum. Osuagwu also revealed that he does not have the kind of money and properties that the nightlife entrepreneur has.

Days after the burial of the mum of nightlife entrepreneur Obi Cubana, Nigerians have not stopped talking about the ceremony that got social media on standstill. Nollywood actor Victor Osuagwu is the latest celebrity to talk about the event as he shared the effect of the burial on him.

In a video trending on social media, the actor revealed that since Obi Cubana buried his mum, his own late mum has been appearing to him and telling him to do another burial ceremony for her.

he asked;

“Where will I get the money to do a reburial? Am I Obi Cubana? Do I have Cubana hotels/ Do I have Cubana land and properties?”

According to him, he’s still utilising the properties his mum gave him before she died.


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