Taylor Swift tops Billboard’s highest-paid musicians of 2020 list

Taylor Swift has topped Billboard’s highest-paid musicians of 2020 list.  Following a year with a lack of live shows due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 31-year-old superstar singer returned to the US Money Makers list with an estimated $23.8 million, but it is a decrease from the $99.6 million when she was last on the list in 2018.

However, Taylor’s latest paycheck comes despite the Fearless hitmaker not making anything from concert revenue due to the global health crisis.

1. Taylor Swift: $23.8 million

2. Post Malone: $23.2 million

3. Céline Dion: $17.5 million

4. Eagles: $16.3 million

5. Billie Eilish: $14.7 million

6. Drake: $14.2 million

7. Queen: $13.2 million

8. The Beatles: $12.9 million

9. YoungBoy Never Broke Again: $11.9 million

10. Lil Baby: $11.7 million

11. The Weeknd: $10.4 million

12. Aventura: $10.2 million

13. AC/DC: $10.1 million

14. Eminem: $9.7 million

15. Lil Uzi Vert: $9.5 million

16. Luke Combs: $9.2 million

17. DaBaby: $9.1 million

18. Metallica: $9 million

19. BTS: $8.9 million

20. Pink Floyd: $8.8 million 

It’s the first time in the history of Money Makers that touring incoming hasn’t contributed to a top spot.

For her place at the summit, Billboard estimates Taylor made $10.6 million from streaming, $10 million from sales and $3.2 million from publishing.

She narrowly pipped Post Malone to first spot by $600,000, after he is said to have raked in $23.2 million.

That was largely down to his $12.4 million from touring, after he managed to sneak in some shows – including a sold-out gig in Denver on March 12th 2020 – before the world shut down as a result of coronavirus.

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The 26-year-old rapper is also said to have made $8.1 million from streaming.

As fans were forced to stay at home for much of 2020, royalties for artist streaming increased by 82 per cent last year compared to the Money Makers 2019 list, from $106 million to $193 million.

Celine Dion’s $17 million touring income played a huge part in her making it to third on the list with $17.5 million, and Eagles’ $11.4 million touring revenue also had a big hand in their fourth place with $16.3 million.


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