Inside Nigeria’s marriage registry where intending couples are fleeced by officials

The height of excitement for every intending couple is always unmistakable as they put things in order for their big day. With prevalent economic circumstances where many try to “cut their cloth according to their cloth”, it is a crying shame to see Nigerians use their official positions to swindle others of their resources.

It was all love and light for Ola and his intending bride as they made necessary preparations to start their forever journey. A necessary process of legalizing was fulfilling the requirements as stipulated on the Federal Ministry of Interior’s website. Shockingly, but not unexpected, the marriage registrar’s office tell a tale of corruption; an unashamed fleecing of Nigerians.

When both of them visited the Ifo Local Government Area’s Marriage Registry office to obtain their license to wed, which was to be submitted to their Church, the couple were first asked to pay a sum of N500 to be given a list of requirements to fulfill. The one-paged list was signed by one Mrs Akimosoye whose number was handwritten there as 08062095695
, which true caller revealed as Keji Anthonia.

The list contained 5,000NGN for Registrar Certificate, 2 passport photograph each for the couple, N3,000 for Registry Fee, One carton of can malt, 2 cartons of digestive biscuit, N2,000 counseling fee, 1 pack of bottle water, 1 pack of Chi Exotic juice, and N7,000 for signing. The fee for the registrar certificate was to be paid into 0122722970, a Wema bank account belonging to Coker/Ibogun Local Council Development Area .

This is a clear deviation of what is obtainable at the ministry of interior’s website. It is evident that the officials have their special ‘bride price list,’ which they line their stomachs and pockets with as they use outrightly fleece intending couples.

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“We went to the nearest local government office in my area to get license to wed. This license to wed is to be submitted to the church who will end up issuing the marriage certificate. This is the list”, they narrated as they presented the list Mrs Akimosoye gave them.

“The official price that will get to the Government is the N5,000 which is to be paid to the stated Account number there. Something similar was done at the Ikoyi registry where it was confirmed that the official price is ₦15,000 while people would pay ₦27,000 and above while the rest goes to the official’s pocket”, they lamented.


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