Sit-at-home: Welcome to end of the road

By Mbe Nwaniga

The truck they burnt at El’Eg” Obukpa yesterday around 7am was parked. It wasn’t even moving. Fabian Eze, the driver said that he left Nnewi on Sunday night after loading his truck with 50 million naira worth of spare parts he was contracted to deliver at Kabba in Kogi state.

He avoided the major roads and took a detour at Nsukka towards MCC Rd heading to Enugu Ezike to avoid hordes of people asking for bribes along the major roads. The roads are the worst roads in the world and a journey of 3 hours can take 3 days. At 6am yesterday, he parked the truck there after Olivet Hill, less than 5km from UNN main campus, because he considered it safe and to avoid passing through some other locations in Igbo Eze South and Igbo Eze North LGA on a doomed day, before reaching Kogi roads.

When they saw the truck, the cowards left the Keke and Okada drivers they were pursuing and set the truck ablaze. The N50 million spare parts goods and 210, 000 naira cash he kept inside the truck for bribing his way from Nnewi through Nsukka to Kabba, Kogi state burnt into ashes of bitterness.

The owners of the burnt spare parts are traders who spent several years doing apprenticeship (serving an established businessman) to learn the trade and possibly raise capital to establish their own trade. They could not compete with the importers and wholesale dealers in big cities so they set up clusters of spare parts shops in small towns all over Nigeria.

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Due to the insecurity in Nigeria, they tried to avoid traveling long distances to buy goods so they pool money together and send to dealers in Nnewi or Lagos and then get a truck driver to deliver the goods to them. The spare parts that was burnt here belong to about 15 small traders who are from the same place with the arsonists. This is several years of their hard work gone in a matter for minutes, for no sane reason.

In this video, you can see the onlookers laughing at and mocking the firefighters. The police and military response was too late. The traders have no insurance. They will likely leave Kabba broke, return to their villages and turn to arsonists themselves.

I predicted the coming of this catastrophe very early and fought tooth and nail to stop it but the baying mob got the upper hand.

Welcome to the end of the road!


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