Five series coming to Netflix this September

To begin the fall, here are five arresting series titles to add to your Netflix watchlist.

● Money heist part 5 volume 1 Sep 3: The professor and his elite team of rogues continues their daring heist in the fifth part of this globally acclaimed Spanish crime thriller series. After ending the fourth part with a significant cliffhanger, we go into this fifth part with bated breaths as we wish our heroes, Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Lisbon and others, good luck in their resistance.

● Castle and Castle Sep 15: With its premiere during the lockdown, this legal drama not just became the first of its kind in Nigerian television, it has also gone to become a show favourite after its first run. What makes this drama enticing is Mo Abudu’s brilliant portrayal of legal practice in Nigeria with a stellar cast. The official trailer hints the second season focuses more on Ben(who deals with the guilt of manslaughter), the moral lines crossed in seeking justice, office romance, general comedy and drama.

● Blood & Water Sep 24: This is another show that kept us indoors in 202. Blood and water follow the teen adventure of Puleng(Ama Qamata), embarking on an investigative mission to uncover the true identity of high school royalty ‘Fiks’ whom Puleng suspects to be her blood sister lost at birth. However, with the climax arrived, this story is far from over as we anticipate the resolution of this teen-crime drama set in the suburbs of South Africa.

● Blood Brothers Malcolm X & Muhammed Ali Sep 9: This documentary focuses on the two black revolutionary activists whose voices and impact still shake America till this very moment. An inward reflection on the massive legacies left by these two leaders in their respective rights.

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This documentary includes personal interviews with allies and close family members and sets a clear record of the narrative between these two before and after their deaths.

● Dear White People Sep 22: The only way to move forward is to throw it back. After spending the last three seasons watching this group of vocal black students break the status quo and address social issues. We see them take a final bow in the fourth and final season, which interestingly is a musical.


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