Edo locks out unvaccinated workers out of secretariat

On Wednesday, the Edo State Government locked out employees who could not show confirmation of having received the COVID-19 vaccine.

By sending its employees home, the government made good on its threat to impose the COVID-19 no-vaccination, no-entry to government buildings policy.
Hundreds of civil servants and others who worked at the State Secretariat on Sapele Road were turned away due to a lack of documentation of immunization against the deadly disease.

Hundreds of civil servants and others who could not show proof of COVID-19 immunization were denied entry to the Edo State Secretariat on Wednesday.

Mr. Yusuf Harun, the head of the State COVID-19 Enforcement Team, was alleged to have manned the entrance to the Secretariat, which is located across from the EFCC office in the GRA, as early as 7 a.m.

Other team members were in control of the Secretariat’s other access points.
The similar exercise was reportedly taken out in Ministries and Departments in other government buildings near Ezoti Street and elsewhere.

Those who could show their immunization cards were admitted, while those who couldn’t were turned away.

Before being allowed into the Secretariat, the monitoring team scanned the cards for authenticity.

Some federal personnel claimed they were caught off guard and did not bring their identification cards with them, while those who did had to dispatch their coworkers to bring them to the gate before being permitted in.

Haruna stated of the government’s intention to maintain enforcement, “What is crucial is that when there is a will, there is a method.” By issuing this instruction, Governor Godwin Obaseki indicated that the state intends to preserve lives.

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“We expect little hitches at the take off but there will be improvement as we move on. I am also sure that the people will also want to see if the government is serious about the directive. And with what we started today (Wednesday), we are demonstrating that the government is ready to save lives in the state.

“I am sure that those who did not come with their vaccination cards today (Wednesday) and were sent back home to bring them will not do similar mistake tomorrow. It is clear that many of the workers have taken the vaccine but they are yet to get use to the practice of going about with their cards.

“With the media giving what we are doing here the necessary publicity, people will know the need to comply with the directive,” he added.

Many of the affected workers who refused to go home despite being refused entry, were seen loitering in groups around the perimeter fencing, discussing.

“I didn’t know that the order will take effect as I have not had electricity in my house for over one week. I have been vaccinated and I will be back with my card tomorrow,” one of the workers said.


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