Man lures benefactor to kidnappers to extort, kill her

Man lures benefactor to kidnappers to extort, kill her

Haliru, a resident of community in Zaria, Kaduna state, has been arrested by the Nigerian Police Force over his attempt to take the life of his cousin.

The victim, Binta, was deceived and handed over to kidnappers by the cousin she financially assisted with his business. The 36 year old suspect was paraded at the Force Headquarters in Abuja alongside other criminals.

Security experts have often cautioned people to be careful of their loved ones and family members on issues concerning safety and security. Frank Mba recently offered similar advice while recently parading suspects in Abuja. The police spokesperson advised people to closely watch the people close to them and those in their communities, noting that in this time and age, not everyone can be trusted.

Narrating Binta’s story, Frank said, “Abubakar Haliru is an indigene of Zaria, and he has a cousin, Binta Muhammed. The 48-year-old Binta had a close relationship with Haliru, and she has been a pillar of support to him. Binta gave Haliru a soft loan to purchase four tricycles for his personal use. Haliru was to pay back the loan over time.”

Narrating further, Frank added, “At a point, Haliru lured Binta out of Zaria to accompany him to a place where he intended to collect some money. In the process, Haliru handed over Binta to a gang of kidnappers based in Galadimawa forest in Kaduna State. Having handed over Binta to this gang of kidnappers, he instructed them to make as much money as possible from the victim before killing her. Binta eventually escaped from Haliry’s kidnapper friends the same night she was handed over to them, but she got kidnapped by a different gang of kidnappers.”

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Revealing how Binta got released, he said, “However, the new gang of kidnappers who abducted Binta were not privy to the fact that she was supposed to be killed. Binta had earlier reached out to the IRT operatives on the phone after she escaped from the first gang of kidnappers, and the IRT had taken steps which eventually led to her release from the kidnapper’s den. Binta is currently receiving medical treatment.”

Haliru confessed to the crime saying that he lured Binta to the kidnappers because he could not meet up with the loan repayment. He felt that getting rid of her permanently would absolve him of repaying the loan. He added that he had hoped to receive a part of the ransom extorted from Binta as has been the case with other victims.

He is currently assisting the police in trying to track down the kidnappers, because as the security forces stormed the location, they found that the kidnappers had fled their abode when they discovered that Binta had escaped.


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