Marrying a man in isolation: Case of 2baba, Annie Idibia

Marrying a man in isolation: Case of 2baba, Annie Idibia

Tuface is not an exemplary husband in my opinion. If you want polygamy as a man, nothing wrong. Go into it fully and stop the game.

I’m one of those who blame Annie squarely. You cannot openly walk into a mess and somehow think you would not be rubbed by it.

However, think about this;

Annie Idibia is not in good terms with her husband’s close friends, relatives and immediate family members (his siblings and parents). She isn’t even in talking terms with her own blood brother.

How come everyone is against her?

Some would blame his family members for “hating” on her because they can’t control her. That’s a convenient excuse. How about his friends who don’t rely on Tuface for their daily bread? We cannot run away from the fact that some women are toxic, controlling and extremely selfish. In some cases, they want the man to channel all his resources to their own people only.

As guys, you must be mindful of women who hate everyone else in your ecosystem but claim to “love” you. It is a big red flag.

One way to lose your marriage is to be enemies with everyone dear to your husband. You cannot marry a man in isolation, he was somebody’s son, brother and friend before you both happened. If you are in dispute with your husband, who do you run to? Who would caution your husband and he would listen?

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As it stands, at best, Annie is a second wife. Pero seems to have all the advantage over her. If she isn’t comfortable with the whole drama, she should seek a divorce.

Pero and Tuface’s sisters


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