Bandits dump teenager after raping her in Sokoto village

Bandits dump teenager after raping her in Sokoto village

Suspected bandits have raped one Saratu, 16-year-old native of Tsamaye village in Sabon Birni local government area of Sokoto.

Saratu who was among the victims abducted by bandits about three weeks ago was seen dumped around the local community with bruises and various degree of injuries on her body.

Sources said that her private part emitted some drops of blood, thereby alleging that she was raped ad dumped by her abductors.

Saratu is presently in a primary health care centre in Sabon Birni for proper check and medication.

Bandits have constantly raided villages around Isa and Sabon Birni in the past one month, making series of abductions, killing the villages and carting away food grains and livestock.

According to the villagers, several hostages are still in the camps of the notorious bandits ravaging the areas. It is only hoped that the bandits may have sympathy on the hostages and release them, as the ransom placed for their release can’t be paid.


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Udo Okoro in Sokoto

Udo Okoro in Sokoto

Udo Okoro is a researcher and 774Ngr correspondent in Sokoto. Udo reports local happenings from Sokoto and environs.

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