The Kajuru Castle in Kaduna

The Kajuru Castle in Kaduna

Located at about 45 kilometres from Kaduna on a mountaintop in Kajuru village, Kaduna state, Kajuru Castle was built in 1989 by a German expatriate who lived in the state at the time.

The castle which is an epitome of architectural master-piece is stylishly structured in a medieval way that makes it a sort of wonder to tourists. There are so many features in the castle that only experience can explain.

The Kajuru castle is one of the most attractive tourism attractions in Nigeria. The castle has a very unique aesthetic design quite different from other recognized castles in Nigeria. From the first sight, one can notice that the design of Kajuru castle was inspired by ancient Greece architecture. Each room is designed to give a medieval feel with different themes attached to them. There’s also a kitchen, sauna and all that is needed to spend a night or even a weekend.

The Kajuru castle is often referred to as a luxury villa due to the luxurious materials used in both the interior and exterior design. The exterior design of the castle is quite simple because it was only designed with marble and other simple but sophisticated materials. The aerial view of the castle is absolutely wonderful because it encompasses every little detail about the castle.

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From the aerial view, one can see that the castle has a big swimming pool, relaxation spot and an open barbeque area. The interior design of the Kajuru castle is the most fascinating aspect of the castle. The interior of the castle was specially designed to look like an actual royal castle. Everything is designed and arranged to fit into the aesthetic design of a royal castle.

For tourists or visitors who wish to lodge in Kajuru castle, the castle has enough space to accommodate up to 150 guests. The accommodation solely depends on individual preference and budget. Regular touring at Kajuru castle costs up to N20,000 while lodging in the castle can cost up to N500,000. The Kajuru castle is truly an architectural wonder one should look forward to visiting some day.


Okoro Chukwuemeka in Kaduna

Okoro Chukwuemeka in Kaduna

Okoro Chukwuemeka is 774Ngr correspondent in Kaduna state

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