Infidelity reason for 95% divorce cases —Lawyer

Infidelity reason for 95% divorce cases —Lawyer

A legal practitioner, Bukola Ajayi, has said adultery is the most common reason divorce-seeking spouses have cited in courts as grounds for dissolution of their marriages.

Speaking in Lagos on Saturday, Ajayi revealed that “95 per cent of those seeking a divorce in courts made allegations of adultery against their spouses”.

According to her, adultery prides as the chief culprit in matrimonial breakups, ranking as the foremost breach of trust thereto, and difficult to forgive in any given relationship.

“The spouse who remained faithful will feel hurt, angry and betrayed and divorce may be the only solution,’’ she observed, citing the dearth of intimacy, unhappy relationship, lack of care, desertion, infertility, as common factors of infidelity amongst spouses.

“Adulterous act is just a way of life to some people; no matter how their spouses satisfy them in all areas, they will still cheat,” Ajayi said.

Although adultery is a criminal offence under Sections 387 and 388 of the Penal Code of Northern Nigeria, the legal luminary observed that it (adultery) is not a criminal offence in the Southern and Eastern parts of Nigeria, where the Criminal Code Act applies, adding that some faiths and cultures, however, condemn it.

“Some cultures find adultery to be morally wrong while some religions regard it as a sin,’’ she added.

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