Atheist Mubarak Bala sentenced to 24 years for blasphemy

Atheist Mubarak Bala sentenced to 24 years for blasphemy

A Kano State High Court sitting at Audu Bako has, on Tuesday, sentenced a self-proclaimed atheist, Mubarak Bala, to 24 years imprisonment for blasphemy.

Bala, who is the president of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, went viral in 2020 following his arrest in Kaduna for blasphemy against Allah and Prophet Muhammad, having been unjustly incarcerated in a correctional facility for about two years.

Bala pleaded guilty to committing blasphemy, saying that his Facebook posts were not meant to cause violence and that he would take precautions henceforth.

The court reminded him of his right to religion but warned that where his right stopped, that of others started, and added that there were many people with Bala’s ideology but they did not go about insulting other people’s religion.

He was slammed with 18 counts and subsequently sentenced by Justice Faruk Lawan to 24 years imprisonment.


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